2012 • SeaTac International Airport Rental Car Facility, SeaTac, WA
Stainless steel wire mesh and LED lighting. Two helices (each): 63' x 99' dia.

Carbon Veil is a sculpture commissioned by the Port of Seattle for the SeaTac International Airport Rental Car Facility. The sculpture consists of a multi-layered stainless steel hexagonal mesh which functions, like a theatrical scrim to shroud two cylindrical automobile helical ramp structures. The veil curtain is drawn back where needed, to allow for entry and exit into and out of the structure. Both the ramp structure and the mesh are based on a hexagon, coincidently, the symbol of carbon. Carbon is found in cutting-edge carbon fiber veil technology automotive and aeronautical engineering as well as diamonds and carbon dioxide.

The helices each measure 99' in diameter and 63' high. The veil is attached to the structural frame of the helices in order to support the draped mesh. Three layers of stainless steel hexagonal twisted wire mesh, commonly used in highway rock fall stabilization and gabion applications, provide a vernacular highway reference. The reflective stainless steel veil is responsive to changing natural light conditions and evening illumination events. As darkness approaches, 55 programmed LED fixtures per helix illuminate the veil to create a wide variety of projected light vignettes ranging from kinetically colorful compositions, atmospheric indicators, and events. The installation is viewable from air, mass transit, and by pedestrians or auto passengers passing by on International Boulevard or entering the Carbon Veil ramps.

Site Design: Todd Metten