2003 • National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthen, Wales
Galvanized buckets, decals, water, plumbing, mirror, and the "blair bushing." 30" x 28' dia.

Confluence (Cydlifiad) at the National Botanic Garden of Wales corresponds to the region's watershed and its life giving gift, as well as confronting the edge of ecological fragility. The Afon Gwynon flows through the Botanic Garden to join the Afon Tywi. The confluence of this and many other streams gather to create the watershed ecosystem and its landscape. The sculpture Confluence (Cydlifiad) presents a number of rivers which combine to create the metaphorical Afon Tywi. Juxtaposed to this discussion is an overlay of the built environment and its man made "confluences."

Site Design: Todd Metten