2011-2014 • Portland, OR

Concrete, cedar root wads, steel cable. 8’6” x 19’ x 9’.

© 2011-2014 Buster Simpson

Site Design by Todd Metten

Cradle to Cradle is a sculptural offering to the Willamette River. Once a wild river with vast amounts of woody debris, the Willamette has been tamed and we have become its steward. Providing habitat for flora and fauna will prove key to our mutual survival. The four anthropomorphic concrete anchors cradle three cedar ‘root wads’ awaiting deployment of their woody debris offering in support of habitat enhancement along the river’s edge. Perhaps these figurative anchors, based on the typical dolos used for shoreline stabilization, will find placement at water’s edge in an effort to demystify the intervention of human engagement. Cradle to Cradle suggests a dynamic dance between the weight of the anthropomorphic anchors and the buoyancy of the tree biomass. The embrace relays an authenticity of relationship and interdependence, from cradle to cradle.

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