1994 • Metro Mover Station, Omni, Freedom Tower, 11th Street, Miami, FL
Polished terrazzo, Hurricane Andrew debris, mixed media inlays. Four units, 27" x 36" x 36" each.

Simpson created sculptural seating for three stations on the Omni loop of the Metro Mover. His platform benches reference the curb and street below. The street curb has traditionally served as public seating in the face of no alternative. By elevating the curb and reinterpreting its customary materials and texture in polished terrazzo, it is placed in a new context: one to be sat upon and studied. The artist incorporated debris from Hurricane Andrew such as roof tiles, plumbing fixtures, and miscellaneous building materials into the terrazzo. The forms and lines reference the roots of the native mangrove, holding fast through the Hurricane, and symbolize the rebirth and growth of Miami's culture.

Artist Buster Simpson on site, surveying the neighborhood for Moving Over, 1991.

Still image from Barry Jenkins' 2016 film Moonlight.

1991 concept proposal for Moving Over.

Site Design: Todd Metten