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OFFERING CYCLE 2014 • Anchorange, AK Stainless steel, food grade ultra-poly. 3'3" x 5' x 5'.

Offering Cycle is the title of a functioning fish cleaning table sited on the center of Ships Creek pedestrian bridge. Attached to the table is a gargoyle extending out over the river to direct discarded entrails to the river below. The celebratory Offering Cycle returns to the river the entrails’ nutritional benefits typical of end of life cycle decomposing salmon. The table serves as both amenity and metaphor in support of an ecological ethos of ‘giving back’ to the earth ecosystem. The cleaning of fish becomes a pedagogical public art performance and a public act of offering back into the cycle.


Offering Cycle is constructed of food grade ultra poly and stainless steel with foot pedal activated water supply for cleaning. The stainless steel gargoyle trough appears as a flayed salmon silhouette held aloft by two extended raven wings.


Dena’ina Athabascan Eder Lee Stephan blessed the table at a ceremonial first offering on July 15, 2014, while offering mentorship to a young angler on being a good steward. A formal dedication of the table and associated park took place on June 20, 2016, officiated by Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.


The project was administered by the Anchorage Public Art Commission 1% for Art Program / Public Works Department Municipality of Anchorage.

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