2008 • Sound Transit, Mt Baker Station, Seattle, WA
Cast iron pears, steel cable, iron trolley rail, traffic lights. 8' x 15' x 15'.

Parable is a sculptural still life about the dynamics of change. The sculptural forms are sited amongst an orchard of mock pear trees in a plaza adjacent the Mt Baker Station, Sound Transit in Seattle, Washington.

Six steel cable swaged pairs of cast iron pear shaped forms are nested in a bowl consisting of trolley rail, circa 1908. An array of auto traffic lights provides internal lighting. Adjacent to the plaza, large electrical transmission power lines bring power to the city and transit system.

Completed in 2008, the piece coincidently marks the one hundred year beginning of the mass production of the automobile. The cast iron Parable pear/wrecking ball forms are cast, in part, from scrapped automobiles.

Parable: a saying in which something is expressed in terms of something else, an allegory; a proverb, a maxim, an enigmatical.

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