2013 • Salt Lake City Public Safety Building, Salt Lake City, UT
Stainless steel, concrete, LEDs. 35' x 16' dia.

Presence is a profile of public service, forming a trust for the common good. Silhouette portraits of Salt Lake City Public Safety Building professionals were recorded, categorized and collated to create a transformative statuary bust of civic proportions. As the viewer moves around the sculpture, the assembly of many profiles morphs back into one. When viewing Presence, the multiple fins provide an opaque edge of profiles while the center reveals a view through and beyond, to what is present.

The 35-foot high sculpture is comprised of forty-eight faceted morphing profiles creating a 25-foot high lattice of stainless steel plates, resting on a 3-foot diameter by 10-foot high concrete column. The sculpture is illuminated from within and is responsive to sunlight and the incidence of reflective light as well as kinesthetic interactions with the viewer.

Presence is a sentinel, a gossamer silent companion watching over, transparent in its presence yet unencumbered in a collective efforts.

Site Design: Todd Metten