2004 • Merck Rosetta Laboratories, Seattle, WA
Dichroic glass and stainless steel. 10' x 125' x 9".

Rosettarray simultaneously responds to specific wavelength of the color spectrum creating a sequential array that interacts with a variety of ambient and directed light sources producing a movement of reflective and projected light. The array is focused at a point outside the building, on axis with the Merck Rosetta entrance. The installation engages the interior and exterior light surfaces, dissecting and distilling a kinesthetic experience for passing observers. The array is in constant shift, responding to the changing light conditions.

Within the adjacent working cubicles of the Rosettarray, a translucent glass curtain wall presents the shadow play of investigating scientists, adding another level of complexity and theater to the installation. Each segment of the array presents an ongoing discovery, a compliment to the inherent mission at Merck Rosetta. Rosettarray deciphers phenomena.

Rosettarray consists of 50 dichroic glass panels, extending 125 feet along a street edge corridor. Each panel is 10 feet high by 9 inches wide with beveled and polished edges. Each slide is comprised of a dichroic glass inner layer laminated between two layers of crystal clear glass with a total thickness of 1'-1/8".

Site Design: Todd Metten