2013 • Bellevue Regional Library, Bellevue, WA
Aluminum license plates, Scotchlite, stainless steel. 19' x 74' x 1.25".

At the primary entry between the new parking structure and the Bellevue Regional Library, a facade of stamped aluminum automobile license plates is attached to both sides of a woven wire grid. On the exterior wall, facing the library, an array of black and white seven letter words stamped on black and white license plates forms a composition based on the 26-letter alphabet. On the interior, a selection of multi-colored license plates stamped with vernacular "vanity" words found in the public domain provides a contextual embellishment to the car parking structure. The color placement is as random as parking patterns. All plates are coated with a reflective surface and respond to auto and ambient light visible to the passing pedestrian and motorist.

Site Design: Todd Metten